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Frequently asked questions

What is First Energy Gum?
First Energy Gum is a chewing gum containing 80 milligrams of caffeine and B-vitamins that provides you with a clean and long-lasting energy boost, extra focus and strength within 10 minutes.
How many First gums should I take?
Depending on your sensitivity to caffeine, take one at a time. You should feel an effect within 10 minutes after taking it. If not, you could take one more.
When should I use First Energy Gum?
First is ideal for (active) people who are in need for extra energy and focus during a workout, at work, when studying, during gaming or if you want to party all night.
Why is First Energy Gum so big?
We’ve packed an enormous amount of energy and vitamins into our unique 'liquid centre fill’. Our gum-base is wrapped around the liquid core. By chewing, all liquid (energy) is absorbed which shrinks the gum.
What is the minimum recommended age?
The caffeine-effect of First Energy Gum is comparable to 2 cups of coffee. According to the Dutch Nutrition Center, you can drink coffee or other caffeine-containing products (such as First) from the age of 13.

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