First Energy Gum


First’s active ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, heartrate and respiration. It increases your energy, improves power and stamina and ups your focus. Caffeine also influences your metabolism and therefore it is often seen as a very efficient method to burn more calories.




The active substance in First is caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, heart rate and breathing.
It increases energy, promotes strength and stamina and improves mental focus. Caffeine also
influences your metabolism and is therefore also seen as a fat burner.



Dosing & Admission


We advise our customers to take up to 3mg caffeine per kilo in bodyweight when you are not used to caffeine, and up to 6mg per kilo when you are more used to caffeine. On average the maximum amount of caffeine for an adult should be about 200-500mg per day.




Caffeine is a commonly used subject for scientific (sports-)researches.

Multiple different researches reveal that caffeine:

  • enhances performances and attentiveness;
  • has positive effect on stamina;
  • improves the burning of calories;
  • gives performances advantage in means of power;
  • restores your muscles faster;
  • has a positive effect on attention and focus;
  • suppresses hungriness;
  • supports the long-term memory; and
  • decreases the breakdown of cognitive functions.