Athletes, pilots and frequent festival visitors

In addition to athletes; others also benefit from more endurance For example, pilots and cabin crew fighting jetlags or festival visitors that just want to dance until the sun rises again.



Entrepreneurs and early bird freelancers

Getting up early is not always easy. With FIRST, you are more inclined to get to work. It’s because caffeine has a positive effect on motivation.

Chauffeurs, bouncers and boulders

Tests, run by the American Army, show that soldiers who took energy gum whilst being fatigued were able to maintain their jobs at a higher standard than soldiers who did not take energy gums. So if you have a heavy manual labour job, drive for miles on end or if you are on your feet all day, take First Energy Gum!

Lawyers, surgeons and students and gamers

Lawyers who work through files until late at night, surgeons who are operating for hours, students who have to pass an exam, and gamers with the need for focus: with FIRST they get that extra boost.