This is how FIRST Energy Gum works

FIRST Energy Gum is the perfect way to get a boost without the inconveniences that energy drinks or coffee have. Often drinking during exercise is not an option, but a gum is useful to take during most sports. We have written several times about the functioning of FIRST or the comparison with energy drinks, coffee or caffeine capsules. In the animated video below this is once again explained simply and clearly (incl. subtitles):



The bite

A common reaction is the 'bite' of our gum. At intake the liquid is released, where the caffeine is processed. Caffeine and other energy products tend to have a bitter taste. Once the liquid has dissolved, within 10 to 20 seconds, this flavor is gone and a fresh mint flavor is created. The gum lasts as long as a standard chewing gum and also maintains the fresh taste.



As can be seen in the video, there is a difference in the absorption time of caffeine with drinks or a piece of gum. The caffeine from energy drinks, coffee and caffeine capsules is absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract, while the caffeine from energy gums is absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth. The advantage of this is that you get an energy boost from a gum like FIRST much faster!


Long-lasting effect

It is best to take FIRST 10 minutes before your training or competition. The energy boost works for up to 5 to 6 hours! If you feel that you need more energy, you can always take a second piece. The effect of caffeine differs per individual, but with FIRST Energy Gum you can manage well on the amount you take.


Moments to use FIRST

FIRST can also be used during activities other than sport. Do you have to schedule hours in the upcoming time for exams? Use FIRST for extra energy and concentration! You can also use FIRST during long car trips or during a midday dip at work. Or of course for some extra energy during the upcoming Christmas with family;) FIRST is for everyone!

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