The 6 Reasons Why Energy Gum Works

So you’ve heard of FIRST but don’t know what we mean by energy gum, right? An energy gum is a caffeinated chewing gum containing no sugars or aspartame and can benefit you in ways you wouldn’t expect a piece of gum could provide. Energy gum can make you more alert and improve your athletic performance. It's something that top athletes actually use for their training and competitions, so we've written a list of why energy gum may work for you.


1. Increases your stamina

As mentioned, caffeine is the main ingredient in the energy gum. Studies show and sports scientists agree that caffeine increases stamina. For instance, several studies reveal that cyclists see a larger output of power and perform with faster times.


2. Increases your motivation

Motivation? That’s comes from within right? As true as that is, chewing energy gum goes hand in hand with motivation by giving you that little extra boost that can help get you going. It has been found that caffeine works in the field of motivation by making it easier to get up, start your day, work, train better and have more fun.


3. A remedy against fatigue

Testing with the US Army has shown that soldiers who took energy gum under heavy fatigue could better carry on with their tasks than their colleagues who had no gum at their disposal. So if you want to stay alert (or at attention), energy gum is your friend.


4. Fast absorption

Caffeine is of course also found in coffee, energy drinks or special pills. What makes energy gum more effective than other caffeinated products is that mucous membranes in your mouth absorb 99% of all the caffeine within 10 minutes. This is in contrast to the above-mentioned products, where intestinal intake takes longer - up to 45 minutes - and absorbs less. That’s why pro athletes find it more convenient and efficient to chew energy gum when they feel they need the boost the most, rather than consume alternatives.


5. No sugars or aspartame

The energy peak you get from, for example, energy drinks comes from the sugar that’s in it. But there’s a catch! After this short-lived peak, you feel the sugar dip and most times you feel worse than before you drank your drink. It’s also important to keep in mind that excessive consumption of these added sugars contribute to obesity. Meanwhile, when drinks are sugar-free, the sugar is often substituted with aspartame, a substance that has been known to give negative side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and more. Overall, it then becomes counter productive to consume something that seemingly does more harm than good.


6. Increased energy levels and metabolism as a result of B vitamins

Our energy gum contains B vitamins, which compliments the caffeine and its absorption. The inclusion of these vitamins contribute to the energy consumption of the body and the functioning of the nervous system in various ways. It’s also just essential that you have no shortage of these important vitamins, having taken the energy gum or not.


Now you know what energy gum is and what it can do. Despite what studies say or what athletes do, only you can be the judge of whether FIRST Athletes Energy Gum will work for you! If you want to know more: try First Athletes Energy Gum out yourself and let us know what you think on our socials!

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