A Dose of Positive Energy with Akwasi Frimpong

Akwasi Frimpong is a Dutch-Ghanaian sprinter, bobsledder and skeleton athlete who has won several medals on national and international championships. Raised in Ghana, Frimpong moved to the Netherlands at the age of 8. He is now set to make an appearance in the Olympic Winter games as the First Ghanaian skeleton athlete to participate in the prestigious event.


All of us have our dreams, goals, and ambitions. But these seldom come to any fruition because many of us are afraid of ever living on the edge. We find comfort in the safe, quiet lap of mediocrity instead of finding our peace in the eye of the storm, giving it our all and hoping that our dreams do come true.'

Like any other life goal, if becoming a professional athlete is your dream, then there will certainly be days when you feel like giving up. There will be many moments where you will feel like you’ve run out of steam, and be tempted to settle for less than your best. It’s just so much simpler to take the easy way out.

Don’t Settle, Go For Your Goals: It’ll be Worth It!

Athletes are gifted and talented people. It takes immense discipline to excel at a sport. However, going after a gold medal can take a lot from you. Perhaps, that is why very few athletes are able to reach the pinnacle of strength and fortitude that Olympic athletes do.

It is important that you aren’t too hard on yourself. Regardless of your age, race, gender or occupation, you’ll have your own story to write, as long as you choose to write it. So take a breath, commit, take that first step, and step out of your comfort zone.

You’re too strong to give up. You’re too powerful to be mediocre. You’re too brave to be afraid. Choose hope and hard work. Commit to your own success. Focus on the bigger picture.

First Athlete: Akwasi Frimpong


Find Positive energy and inspiration with Akwasi Frimpong

This First Energy Gum Athlete will be representing the Netherlands and Ghana as an athlete in the Winter Olympics! As a professional skeleton athlete, he knows the importance of constantly pushing oneself to become better and actually do better.

Achieving your peak performance as an athlete is all about taking care of your body and its needs in accordance with the physical and mental toll you are putting on it. Being the first Olympic level skeleton-athlete from Ghana, his story could serve to inspire you and get you motivated on your own path towards success. We support Akwasi and feel that he is the perfect example of positive energy, in pursuit of his dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete.

You can invite Akwasi Frimpong to inspire your corporate and sports team members. He is still looking for sponsorship to fund is Olympic Campain. If you want to know more, contact us here.

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