The Dangers of Pre-Workout

In this guest blog by Jorden Bres, Strength & Conditioning Coach at NOC * NSF, you can read more about the dangers of some Pre workouts. With First Energy Gum we offer a good alternative by means of a direct and healthy energy boost.


Effects of a Pre Workout

I often see many screaming labels and advertisements from Pre-Workouts on the internet. However, the negative effects of (especially too much) Pre-Workout are probably not or insufficiently known to many. Let me first say that when you use it, you do this with common sense. Pre-Workout boosters can temporarily eliminate fatigue and give you a boost for your training. They give you the illusion that you have more fuel than what is actually the case. It is therefore essential that you listen carefully to your body! If your body indicates that it is tired and that it is still recovering from yesterday's training, you’ve slept less the last few nights or are going through a stressful period, then listen to that feeling. Perhaps it is more sensible to take a little more rest instead of taking an extra shovel or pill from the Pre-Workout booster and still train.



If you have had this tired feeling for a long time, it may be that you started using that booster more, because you absolutely do not want to skip training, but that can have negative consequences. It will become increasingly difficult to progress in the gym. Your adrenal glands, which produce the hormone adrenaline (which provides energy), have to work harder and harder. If this takes too long, they become exhausted and no longer function properly,producing less or very little adrenaline.


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As a result, your body is increasingly producing cortisol (stress hormone). More cortisol will suppress testosterone production, which in the end, prevents the build-up of muscle mass and the increase in strength. Because of this, you may want to train even harder, and therefore that chance of overtraining your body becomes greater. I think that is exactly what everyone does not want! Always aim for progression safely and at your own pace.

Want to read more about Jorden? Check out his website.


FIRST note

First is the alternative to pre-workouts. The fast and pure consumption of 80 mg caffeine is efficient and not harmful to your body. The perfect way to get a natural energy boost for your competitions and training sessions.

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