How to use FIRST for your next big challenge

"How can I use First for my training or competition?"

This is a question we often receive and which we like to answer. To begin understanding, here's a small explanation on how FIRST works:
Scientific research (Ref 1.) shows that caffeine from chewing gum works faster than caffeine from pills, energy drinks or coffee. This science is the foundation of the creation of First Athletes Energy Gum. The direct and prolonged energy boost you get from taking FIRST is a result of the combination of caffeine and B vitamins, excluding the need for sugar to provide energy. In comparison, alternative products that contain sugar like gels, dextrose tablets or energy drinks still work, but very briefly and after which a so-called dip or sugar crash follows. That dip is exactly what you do not want at the time of performance.
So how does a sugar-free energy source like FIRST change the game? It quickly provides you with the right amount of caffeine necessary for optimal performance.
The 80 mg of caffeine in FIRST is fully absorbed within 10 minutes through the mucous membranes in your mouth. With a top quality gum base and spearmint for taste, FIRST is enjoyable (but be aware of the first "bite") and long-lasting, even if you only need to chew the gum 10 minutes to reap its benefits.

How and when can you take First?

  • Take FIRST 10 minutes before training or your game, competition or other athletic activity;
  • You'll begin to feel the energy boost within those 10 minutes and feel it last up to 5 to 6 hours;
  • If you need more energy after 10 minutes, you can always take a second gum;
  • Be cautious of the effects of caffeine on your body, as it varies between individuals.
Just like you, top athletes use FIRST before their matches or heavy training. Our FIRST Friends like to have the gum on hand if they need a pick-me-up before training or big match days.
So go out there and reach new personal bests. We wish you a lot of fun with training and success in improving your performance with FIRST!
Ref 1. The rate of absorption and relative bioavailability of caffeine administered in chewing gum versus capsules to normal healthy volunteers. Kamimori, GH et al., 2002
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