The New Energy Source For Pro Athletes

Today is the moment I can finally reveal what I’ve been up to in behind the scenes, for a long time. Together, with my co-founders/owners Wim and Michael, we’ve developed an Energy Gum. A what? Yes, an Energy Gum!


Clean energy in the form of pure caffeine

You probably know energy drinks, but energy gum? FIRST is a caffeinated gum that improves focus, power, and endurance. As a pro-athlete, I, among many other competitive athletes and sports scientists, are familiar with the positive effects of caffeine. I often drank a double espresso before my intense trainings and competitions but found that caffeinated chewing gum was a better solution. Through the linings of your mouth, the caffeine is absorbed by your body within 10 minutes. That’s way faster than drinking coffee, energy drinks, or taking supplements, which average between 45-60 minutes to take effect. To add to that, most supplements, coffee, or energy drinks are not ideal because they may contain too much caffeine, disrupt digestion, or contain high levels of sugar or aspartame. With FIRST, I immediately feel the effect before my workout, and I keep it in my car as an energy boost to keep me alert while driving. Combined with B-vitamins, the caffeine not only makes you more alert but benefits the body by contributing to burning fat and carbohydrates and boosting metabolism. Altogether, FIRST gets your energy levels up, and helps you achieve your athletic goals, without the added sugars that counteract your hard work.


Everything revolves around sport, performance, and health

In the years after my professional speed skating career, I’ve learned a lot. When I quit skating, one thing was very clear to me: I would not rest on my laurels. There is so much to do and to live for, that I want to make the most of everything in of my life. The way I live my life is being characterized by my search for autonomy. From being my own manager, signing sponsorship deals, to writing my own training programs, it is my core personal mission to contribute to the experience of sport, the health of people, and the use of talent. I do this on the crossroads of media, sports,  and health. These simply are the themes I am happy with working on. That's why I started this new venture. Taking the risks, working hard, learn by doing, falling and getting up again is what suits me.


Striving to reach your full potential

The FIRST chapter began some time ago but operated behind the scenes. A terrific group of pro-athletes and even some fighter pilots have tested FIRST with positive results. They use FIRST before training, competitions, flights, exams, driving or just as an energy booster. It’s great to hear all the encouraging messages from these athletes. It’s also motivating to hear from all these people who are driven to get the best out of themselves and strive for maximum performance. With our name and golden wrappers, we embody the goals of becoming First and winning Gold, but most of all, challenging yourself.

With that being said, the adventure starts now, so join us on our journey. I am curious what you think of First and how you will use it. Try FIRST and let us know through our social media outlets. Go reach your maximum potential. I challenge you: Strive for FIRST. Be FIRST.


Let’s go!

— Mark Tuitert

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