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What is First Energy Gum?
First Energy Gum is a caffeine chewing gum.
What is the function of First Energy Gum?
First Energy Gum gives you energy.
How much caffeine is in First Energy Gum?
One gum contains 80mg of caffeine. That is about the same amount as what is in two cups of coffee or a can of energy drink. One pack of 5 gums contains a total 400mg of caffeine.
How many calories are in First Energy Gum?
Every First Energy Gum contains 5 calories.
Why is a First Energy Gum so big?
That’s easy, because we packed a large amount of energy and vitamins in the unique liquid center filling. Around that is the chewing gum. The gum rapidly turns smaller when you chew on it.





How does First Energy Gum work so fast?
Because the caffeine is absorbed by the body via the mucous membrane there is a direct effect. This is different from coffee or energy drinks, which have to be processed by the stomach and intestines first.
How long will First Energy Gum stay effective?
That is in part dependent of your own metabolic system and your weight. So this is different per person. Caffeine can remain in your bloodline for 4 to 5 hours. The effect will slowly decrease and your body go back to its normal energy levels within a couple of hours.
How many First Energy Gums should I take?
This relies on your sensitivity for caffeine. Take one at a time, after 10 minutes you should feel its effects. If, after 20 to 30 minutes, you don’t feel anything yet, take another one.
Is it possible to take to many First Energy Gums?
One gum contains 80mg of caffeine, about the same amount as there is in two cups of coffee. Taking First Energy Gum can lead to comparable ingestion of caffeine.
When should I use First Energy Gum?
Our product is ideal for active people who would like some extra energy while playing sports. You can also use it while working, studying, playing videogames or when you go out.
When do you use First Energy Gum if you are playing sports?
Taking a First Energy Gum when you are active is mostly due to personal preference of the athlete himself or the type of sport he is playing. A First Energy Gum can be taken before being active but can also be taken during your activity.



Shipping and returns


What are the rules of First Energy Gum when it comes to returning products?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to return our products. Regardless, if you have any questions or complaints you can always send us an email. We like to help our customers.
I haven’t gotten my order yet. How long can this take?
FIRST usually delivers within 2 weekdays. Orders that are placed over the weekend will be shipped on Mondays. Chances are, that these orders will arrive the following Wednesday.





I am susceptible to caffeine, is First Energy Gum a sensible product for me?
First contains 80mg of caffeine, this is about the same amount as there is in two cups of coffee. We advise anyone to take their sensitivity to coffee or energy drinks into consideration before deciding whether energy gum is reasonable product for you.
Is First Energy Gum safe?
Yes, First Energy Gum is safe. It is produced in USA and approved by its ‘Food and Drug Administration’, abbreviated as FDA. This is an agency run by the federal government of the US that researches and monitors the quality of food and medicines.

A lot of international authorities have researched the effect of caffeine. The EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) did a scientific research on the safety of caffeine (2015) and concluded that taking up to 400mg of caffeine a day (five gums or five cups of coffee) are unharmful for one’s health. This is in line with the findings of the US Food and Drug Administration, and with Health Canada. With the exception of pregnant and nurturing women who should not take in more than 200mg of caffeine per day.
Is First Energy Gum considered to be a performance-enhancing drug?
First Energy Gum is not a performance-enhancing drug. We had our product tested and have an official NZVT stamp of approval, which means that FIRST is guaranteed to be free of doping. The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has removed caffeine from the list of performance-enhancing drugs in January of 2004. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has approved this.
How are the ingredients of First Energy Gum produced and where do they originate?
Our caffeine comes from the green coffee bean. The xylitol is made from corn and the spearmint is made of mint leaves. All ingredients are produced within the rules and regulations that are set by the federal Food and Drug Administration. Their synthatic structure enhances a consistent quality and safety. All the ingredients are more generally explained and discussed on our ingredients page on this website.



Appropriacy amongst people


Is First Energy Gum suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, First Energy Gum is also appropriate for vegetarians. There are no substances in First Energy Gum of animalistic nature, nor diverted from animal nature.
Can I use First Energy Gum during my pregnancy?
First Energy Gum is not recommended for children or pregnant females.
Can I use First Energy Gum if I have dentures?
One of our customers has let us know that he always had trouble chewing on gum with his dentures, but claims to not experience this with our gum. Naturally, we can’t guarantee this.
Can I give First Energy Gum to my pets?
Absolutely not. Chewing gum and xylitol are very dangerous for pets.
Is First Energy Gum gluten-free?
Yes, First Energy Gum is gluten-free.
Is First Energy Gum suitable for vegans?
Yes, First Energy Gum is a vegan product.
Is First Energy Gum wheat-free?
Yes, First Energy Gum is free of wheats.
Is First Energy Gum lactose- and dairy-free?
Yes, First Energy Gum is free of lactose and dairy.



Commercial order


Can I buy First Energy Gum for my employees, sports- club or team?
Yes! Fill out the contact form underneath or  send us an e-mail.



Where can I buy First Energy Gum?
At this moment, First Energy Gum is only available on our website.



Can I sell First Energy Gum in my gym or store?
Yes! Fill out the contact form underneath or  contact us via e-mail.

Go Monthly


Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, it is no problem to pause your subscription. Handy for when you go on holiday, for example. You can do this via your First-Account.
Can I change the content of my subscription?
Yes, you can always change the content of your subscription. You do this in your personal First Account
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can unsubscribe from your subscription in your First Account. You can cancel after 21 days with a Go Monthly subscription.
How do I pay for my subscription?
When you register for your subscription, you give us authorisation to charge the costs of your subscription on a monthly basis. This is then taken from your bank account by means of a direct debit. So easy! Funds are taken from your account on the same day of the month as the day of your order registration.
I don't want to take out a subscription right away, can I also try a pack of FIRST once?
Would you first like to test if the Gum is right for you? Then, yes no problem, you can order a 5-pack via our site.

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